Human, dual-wielding ranger (unaligned)


Appearance – Fírimo cuts an unnerving profile (despite being of standard height and build) with his raven black hair, silvery grey eyes, and inexplicably fair complexion(“inexplicable” given his affinity for the earth and the outdoors). And he always wears a large, unusual looking seed around his neck – never taking it off. The necklace containing the seed is of fine elven make, and clearly fashioned specifically for the wearer.

Elves + Racial Biases – Fírimo speaks the elven language with ease due to a great deal of time spent in his early adult years, after the death of his family, living amongst the white elves. More specifically – living with one of the white elf ancients who was in the last days and years of a very long life. Few are privy to the knowledge of why the ancients took Fírimo (a human) under their wing, but the fact that he shares the confidence of, multiple venerated members of elven society, affords Fírimo the unusual honor of coming and going through their world as he pleases.

It is little secret that he ardently searches for every scrap of lore and knowledge he can find regarding the meaning of death and mortality. His quest for knowledge leads Fírimo through a number of unusual places. These experiences mean that little in life appears to phase him. He exhibits very few (if any) prejudices towards beings of other races and backgrounds.

Social Situations – Personality wise most see him as dispassionate and reserved. Those who do manage to get close, know him to be both loyal and protective of those he cares for.

Magical Biases – Fírimo exhibits a singular dislike for the undead and all living beings who either raise the dead or seek to extend their mortal lives through unnatural magics. He is very unlikely to demonstrate mercy in these situations and more likely to cut down practitioners than to converse with them. It is only death magic, however, that raises his ire. While he has little desire to practice himself, he considers all other forms of magic to be a useful, if somewhat less reliable aspect of life.

Religion – People paying close attention may notice that he is spiritual in nature, but as to whom or what he worships … that is uncertain.


Fírimo grew up in small village of about five families (including his own)that was located relatively near the Rolling Hills, on the edges of human civilization. Given the village’s location, it was not uncommon for occasional travelers, tradesmen, or adventurers to ask for a bed and a meal from one of the village families – before they continued onward in their journey to more central locations.

Fírimo’s family was composed of his Father and his sister (Siobhan) who was a good eleven years his junior. His mother died less than a week after Siobhan was born, leaving Fírimo to raise his sister on his own (initially with the help of village women) while his father became more and more distant. An old adventurer, his father settled down later in life than most – enticed to leave the roaming life for the sake of his young wife. In return, is wife, Fírimo’s mother, agreed to live away from the crush of city life. Fírimo was born a few years later, and his father began to teach him the ways of the wild, how to defend their home against it, and other adventuring knowledge/lore as soon as he could walk. After the death of Fírimo’s mother though, the father began to distance himself from his children. He still came home at night and still provided food for the familial table, but otherwise his days (and thus much of the family’s home) was left to his eleven-year-old son to maintain as best he could.

All of this changed when Fírimo was 17 (Siobhan 6). At this time one of the village families took in a traveler for the night who paid for their stay with more than trade goods or provisions. Unbeknownst to them all he carried a deadly, contagious disease that had all the village’s families flat on their backs within a day of the man’s departure. Given their distance from other settlements, and the general health of all in the village, it was impossible for anyone to go for help. The disease worked quickly and within a week’s time, everyone was dead – Fírimo the only survivor.


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